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I am looking for the right company! Preferably, within the north west of England. I am very tenacious; I thrive on new targets, accuracy and determination. I can offer my knowledge of the latest technologies, Networking Principles, Protocols, Project Management, Developing | Designing Cloud based websites with Search Engine Optimisation, in Customer Relations Systems (CRM), Ticketing systems and Service desk. All methods are highly maintained, my proven background in the IT field is quite full of technical support for the public and relevant companies. I’m not afraid to work on my own initiative to reach targets, or to be a part of a team, I welcome new sources of knowledge and have a long proven track record of IT Support and Infrastructure.

Work Experience

Abduls Franchise 19/05/2012

Part Owner and technical consultant / developer. Here we deal with enterprise projects of development and marketing, most are technical or/and economically friendly as possible. We are here to develop the best ideas through the right resources and give that to business that require the functionality in every way and best way that suits their needs.

SLR SECURITY 1/6/2012 to Present

Events and specialised security. Crowd control, customer service, people management and response teams.

ADVANCED SECURITY 30/3/12 to 29/5/12

Duties include: Static guarding on High value goods, Search procedures (Female | Car | Spot) including metal detectors, Surveillance systems, warehouse patrolling. This is in the corporate security sector.

UNIVERSAL SECURITY 24/12/2011 to 6/6/2012

Here I am a Visual Deterrent, Loss Preventions, Door staff, and overall manned security guard. And because I have run my own venue’s and doors: this gave me an added act of professionalism and growth with the company. I also carry out CCTV and Networked Camera installations, repairs.

TECH SUPPORT / 07/08 – Present – Sole Trader

Tech Support Base is a community link up, that helps, new supporters (e.g.; council, local businesses) This has been the most successful structure, due to my personal skills and management. I not only, offer a more decisive range of Network Supporting Tools and Solutions to the public, such as telephone support lines, email service and more. Tech Support Base deals with ICT Networking and delivers a service to new and upcoming businesses along with the existing companies in the Tameside and Manchester area. I build a great understanding with the communities, as well as providing one all-round solution. This work involves merging companies and studying their requirements, needs, and penetrating infrastructures with architectures and developing a detailed analysis on “which tools are right for the job”.

I support local residents and businesses in ICT, including methods like:

  • Home tutoring and group classes.
  • Telephone | Remote Support: – Delivered to 80% of local residents and businesses with a ticket closure of maximum of 48 hours.
  • Hardware Support: – HDD failure, Motherboard compatibility issues, Rebuilds, Reinstalls, Laptop Repair, Firmware updates, etc.
  • Network Support | Maintenance: – Installations of a CAT5e network consisting of a BT home hub 3 | Ofcom White Box (TP-Link Router) | Resulting in accurately measuring the performance of your ISP. (VMware Data Centre OS (ESXi) WAN (ADSL+2 | DSL) LAN | WLan | Vlan | VPN)
  • System | Application Support: – Remote Re-configurations, Supporting Applications (iE, Firefox, AV (Avast, Norton, etc.)
  • Responsible for implementing White Hat SEO | Social Networking for businesses, which result in a minimum of a 42% Increase of overall sales.
  • Website building | Cloud Development | virtualised applications and Infrastructures: For new and upcoming business. (CMS – OSCommerce | Magento | Joomla | WordPress | (PHP/SQL | Ajax | jQuery) | CRM and ticketing systems | merchant integrations (worldpay | PayPal) Network Analytics, SEO | Google Cloud | Web Master Tools and Hosting).

The following architectures and applications also play a main part in my experience and analysis: Active directory, DHCP | WINS | DNS | ADSL | DSL | LAN | WAN and IIS. I have given support with many applications and some are as follows; Office 2003|2007|2011, Norton Ghost, HTTP Tunnel | WinPCap | VM-Ware | and Nap. My programming / Deployments include Auto IT | VB | PHP | C++ | C# | Java | .net | Ajax | HTML5 | CSS3 and many more, in which I maintain with all new produce lines as well as old.

Clients of Tech Support Base

●        TREBBORUK2002

(Self-Employment – Client of Tech support Base)

I was approached by Allan, the owner of the company. He wanted to improve his website project and create an entertainment website incorporating different web services like “Last.FM”, playlists and other streaming applications. I provide one to one tuition, with online education platforms to help Allan improve his programming skills also.

●        ABOMS.CO.UK

(Self-Employment – Client of Tech support Base)

This project was to build a full eCommerce site with bulk xml import / output. This System involved programing codes: PHP | MySQL | C+ | jQuery | HTML5 | CSS3, and the project also incorporated SEO | PPC, with an Integrated with: merchant centre, based around OSCommerce as the client wished, along with an automated backup procedure.


(Self-Employment – Client of Tech support Base)

Stock Matters is a stocktaking company from Stalybridge. They provide a very efficient auditing service to local and national businesses. Stock Matters needed a fully functional website to help customers learn more about their services and to manage existing customer accounts online. This was a very deep site to complete as the permission table alone was, based on two admin sections, allowing files to the stored and accessed from the FTP service. This holds a two-year support and back-up plan, to insure the health of the company.

HARVESTER, Ashton under Lyne 06/05/2011 to 29/10/2011

Here again I tuck on a role to help me find out more about the community, and was employed as FoH (front of house team).

LEES BREWERY 30/07/2009 to 03/04/2011 – Temporary General Manager

Due to difficult times in finding new corporate clients, I have had to take on a separate role. This job was given to me, with the target to dramatically improve the business and it potential to attract buyers, also during this time I have had to manage my own security and door work throughout.

JACSparks 07/2008 – 07/2009

This was the resulting company from Webnet Connect, we kept the consumer base I had expanded along with the support centre and improved the company in all ways. The end result began, with a business plan to offer very low cost, full network implementation, for example:

  1. Asses the customer needs and requirements.
  2. Research any needed products or services.
  3. Supply a network project map, outlining in diagrams | pricing | materials | size | security policies | ventilation | space | time needed | backup | support | etc.
  4. The paper work | legal documents.
  5. Implementation of the network
  6. The on-going support and maintenance pack

Unfortunately due to the materials needed to support this business plan, we tried to find funding form other companies and institutes, for example the FSB | Business link | UK Trade and Investment | Local Councils | but due to the lack of support in Tameside this business did not survive, like its predecessor.

WEBNET CONNECT 02/2008 – 07/2008 – Systems and Network Engineer

Here I saw a potential company that needed help, it started as a Sub Contractor position and resulted in an associate partnership. The company offered a support and maintenance packages to local business, I invested in building a wider customer base, provided a growing Support Centre. This was very much a windows infrastructure based network environment.

Consulting businesses on their new projects, Repair and Building Server systems,
Integrating | Deploying windows OS’s Network support | VMware Data Centre OS (ESXi)WAN (ADSL+2, DSL)LAN | WLan | Vlan,| VPN
ENTERPRISE INNS 10/2005 – 02/2008 – Various Relief / Temporary Manager

I have worked at various public houses in the greater Manchester area for example, The Cube (in Lees Oldham) or the Queens Arms (Ashton Old road). This work included duties like; running the cellar and managing staff, time management and organising the working schedule and events and not for getting the day to day running of security on and for the premises. Public houses can be very security driven because of the effect and damage they can cause in every way, so you do have to keep your wits about you at all times.

EAST SERVE 10/2006 – 02/2007 – Technical Repair Consultant

This was a contracting position that turned in to a permanent role. I provided a face to face advice and repair service to consumers. Also I maintained the in house equipment of the company. As are an ISP, the ability to track, pin point faults for repair, quickly and precisely was crucial, to prevent down time.

The Work Environment

  • Mainly Intel platforms and printer repair on the consumer side with home visits to install and set up their new or existing networks.
  • Broadband Telephone Support Lines 1 and 2.
  • Cisco routers ASR 1006 | 7301 | 86 | switches including 6509 – E | 6509 – NEB A | although I saw more of the 2960 and 3750 ranges.
  • 3Com routers 3000 DSL and Ethernet range Measurements.

However, unfortunately the company was not meeting its targets and had to close down, so I chose to return to contracting.

SELF-EMPLOYED CONTRACTOR 02/2002 – 12/2007 – Field Engineer for various Companies

Zen Internet, Big Mouth Media, Datacom, UKFast, plus more, were companies I worked for and made call outs for network service problems and line checks, these services included skill sets:

  • Diagnostics in Network Analytics
  • WAN | LAN | VLAN | Infrastructure Design | Virtual OS + Apps | Thin app | oracle
  • NAT | Dynamic – DHCP | DNS
  • CAT5/6 | Wireless Standards (IEE 802.11 – B, A, G, and H)
  • MySQL | Wire diagrams – Web development |

Here is one example of a job assignment at Datacom. In this assignment and other various others I had to move some HP Reliant BL and e3000 servers, which held OS Windows 2003 server enterprise and reconfigure them to compensate with the new polices and name servers they wanted installing. Planning the UPS and server racks so that they sit in the new air-cooled room, then later we, was given the task to check all terminals within the premises for their TCPIP settings, later consisted of maintaining the network with implementing new, and up to date security plans and user support with training hours for the staff within the company.

On-going reports and services was supplied to the companies in included server backup, field services, on site repair, remote access, customer services and much more.

Example #2

At UKFast, they required an IT Pre-Sales consultant, to teach the sales force what technology UKFast are using and how it works. Within this type of situation, I needed to hold a strong background in Network infrastructures, in order to perform and give the right information. They used a multiple of virtual services (VOIP | Thin App | VDNS | VNAS | VCloud, on a variant number of Hyper-V Servers | VMware Servers | V-Data Centres | running through a large stack of HP blade servers.

Interests and Hobbies

In addition, to improving my skills, knowledge there is several hobbies, which involve:

Automating my home: with the latest technologies. I enjoy developing data centres testing them on VM-Ware, Webkit-2, Goole Application building, App Testing, I am also a keen swimmer and enjoy Yoga. Reading: Criminal Mind, Psychology, Playing the Drums, I enjoy socialising with friends and technical groups (STEMNET | IET | LINUX FORMAT | GOOGLE APP ENGINE | GIRL GEEKS)




Education Facility

Cisco IT Essentials Level 1 Pass ManCat College
Cisco IT Essentials Level 2 Pass ManCat College
City and Guilds, advanced diploma repair & maintenance for IT practitioners. Level 3 Merit ManCat College
Foundation Degree, computer platforms Level 4/5/6/7 Merit ManCat College
BIIAB EDI L2 cert personal licence holders Level 2 Pass EDI
SIA Frontline Licence Level 2 Credit NOCN
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