Nuance launches Dragon Go! for Android, available today for free

As if its acquisition of Swype wasn’t enough indication, Nuance has been working on its goal of dominating the Android speech recognition market, one step at a time. Today the company’s pressing forward once again by introducing its Dragon Go! app for Google’s mobile OS. The app focuses on verbal commands, giving you the ability to ask it to perform internet searches, make dinner reservations, buy movie tickets, play music on services like Pandora and Spotify and the list goes on. If you crave the specific details, make your way beneath the break and have a gander at the press release below.

Last week, we learned that a fully loaded Amazon Kindle weighs more than a brand new, unused and empty one. This week’s revelation on the same theme is that the internet, in all its infinite glory, weighs about the same as a strawberry. Confused? Excellent.

The internet.

Professor John Kubiatowicz, of the University of California, Berkeley, explained his observation about the Kindle last week, drawing on Einstein’s E=mc² equation, which establishes mass and energy equivalence. He noted that a Kindle stores data by trapping electrons; when a book is downloaded to the Kindle, the number of electrons stays the same, but the energy needed to store the data increases.

As the electrons gain energy, they gain mass, as Einstein’s equation tells us. Armed with this knowledge, the Professor calculated that a fully-loaded 4GB Kindle would weigh a billionth of a billionth of a gram (also known as one attogram, 1ag or 0.000000000000000001g) more than a brand new one.

Building on this further, the clever chaps at YouTube channel vsauce have thrown together a bunch of calculations, that boil down to their conclusion that the internet in its entirety – that’s all of the electrons on all of the servers in all nations across the globe – is made up of a sum total of 50 grams of electrons in motion.

Rather than tax my simple, feeble mind by trying to explain this to you further – the blind leading the blind will get no-one anywhere fast here – check out the video below for an easy-to-digest explanation of Professor Kubiatowicz’s and vsauce’s calculations.

So there we have it: the internet is roughly equivalent in weight to a strawberry. There’s definitely a joke to be made about internet traffic jams here, but perhaps it’s best to avoid that temptation.
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To secure websites, we usually create user database and develop a login page to authenticate the user. If you have several websites, creating separate user login for each site is time consuming and not favorable to your users because they have to login to each site separately. OpenID was developed to solved such authentication hassles. It is an open standard for developers that enables them to authenticate their users in a decentralized manner. For end-users, OpenID allows them to consolidate their digital identities. Major web services that supports OpenID are Google, Yahoo and Facebook. If you use OpenID with your website, you allow users to login to your site using their Google, Yahoo or Facebook accounts. The authentication will be hosted by the OpenID provider, so no need to maintain the user details on your side except the Identifier returned by the provider.On this article, I will show you a ASP.NET sample code I made that use OpenID Authentication to verify Google Account. To accomplish the authentication, I used the C# library called DotNetOpenAuth. Here is the step-by-step procedure to implement it on your ASP.NET application. 

  1. Download the DotNetOpenAuth  Libraries. Choose the most appropriate version for development platform.
  2. Extract the downloaded compressed file on your hard drive.
  3. On your project, Add Reference to “DotNetOpenAuth.dll”
  4. On your login page’s HTML Code, paste the following.

<form id=”form1″ runat=”server”>
<div id=”loginform”>
<div id=”NotLoggedIn” runat=”server”>
Log in with <img src=”” />
<asp:Button ID=”btnLoginToGoogle” Runat=”server” Text=”Google” OnCommand=”OpenLogin_Click”
CommandArgument=”” />
<asp:Label runat=”server” ID=”lblAlertMsg” />

Take note of the URL: – this is the unique OpenID URL of Google Account.   5. Include the following namespaces on your “Using” directive.


6. On the Page_Load & OpenLogin_Click, use the following codes

  using DotNetOpenAuth.OpenId;
using DotNetOpenAuth.OpenId.RelyingParty;
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
OpenIdRelyingParty rp = new OpenIdRelyingParty();
var r = rp.GetResponse();
if (r != null)
switch (r.Status)
case AuthenticationStatus.Authenticated:
NotLoggedIn.Visible = false;
Session[“GoogleIdentifier”] = r.ClaimedIdentifier.ToString();
Response.Redirect(“Main.aspx”); //redirect to main page of your website
case AuthenticationStatus.Canceled:
lblAlertMsg.Text = “Cancelled.”;
case AuthenticationStatus.Failed:
lblAlertMsg.Text = “Login Failed.”;
} }protected void OpenLogin_Click(object src, CommandEventArgs e)
string discoveryUri = e.CommandArgument.ToString();
OpenIdRelyingParty openid = new OpenIdRelyingParty();
var b = new UriBuilder(Request.Url) { Query = “” };
var req = openid.CreateRequest(discoveryUri, b.Uri, b.Uri);

7. Run the project. It should look like the following screens.

Log in with Now the Login page look like ….

My new avator

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How is the world on the other side you bored go-getters? I know that a time can come when you just don’t know what else to do? There comes a time in life when you just don’t want to go offline because you are addicted to the internet but you don’t know what to do because you seem to have surfed almost all of it. If you are still reading this then I am assuming that you are someone who will give up on their youth if not shown a kill their precious time. Worry not. I will introduce you to some of the most amazing websites that provide a quick cure to boredom.

14 Unusual Websites To Kill Time With When Bored


Paul Neave seems to have worked hard to come up with his share of amazing flash websites which is a collection of unique flash games to keep you engrossed.


Tickle the fishes and they run away. Enjoy the under water life in this flash-based website and remember to tickle the shark out there. You might not get such a chance in real life.


One of the most bizarre ideas that could have hit a web designer. This website is the result of lots of hard work and planning. For you it will surely be fun and nice way to kill time.

Donnie Darko

You must have seen plenty of movie websites but none would have been planned the way this one was. The website is full of mysterious stuff and attracts the visitor. Though you might find it a bit slow when compared to the rest in this list but I guess that the movie was also mysterious and slow!

Google Gravity

This website does not have much to have fun with but it must be visited once. Especially those who always wanted Google to fall once. See your dream come true, almost!

Ball Droppings

Ball Droppings is an unusually engrossing flash-based game where you get to save lot of balls that keep popping up. I was lost in the website for almost 15 minutes when I realized that I have to wrap up this list.

Bank of Imagination

Bank of Imagination is a unique flash website where one can leave his/her own idea of what the world could be or anything else. Really, check the portal to see what all the world is imagining.

Salt Films

Salt Films had their website full of salt and still it tastes delicious. The creative animation and plenty of options will keep you busy for long.

Forgotten Bookmarks

Forgotten Bookmarks isn’t one of those flash-based web games but it surely has enough to keep you engrossed. See how far human imagination can go when it comes to designing bookmarks.

Bean Crusher

Did you ever think that crushing beans could be fun? Well, it will be once you visit this flash-based website. These beans will surely become tough to hit once you start moving ahead in-game.

Why Do You Stay Up So Late?

The question is obvious. Why do you stay up so late? The flash-based website is a blend of poetry and flash animation. Something that makes you fall in love with it.

The Infinite Oz

You know, I had this website open for almost an hour and it kept showing something or other that was of interest. The flash, the planning and the execution of this website is by far the best I have seen till now. Surreal.

Neon Bible

The interactive video can be attractive and might just catch you staring at it for long. Be warned!


Bored? How about you launch your own band. I mean, just for fun and just for sometime you surely can enjoy your own band. Right?


As a wrap-up, let me warn you that internet is full of stuff that can be interesting but of no use. These websites can be good for sometime but don’t spoil the important things that matter to you the most just because you were lost in these weirdly amazing websites.