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But first, I’d like to introduce you to Dan Floersch of

We selected Dan’s question on the blog post “What is Your Biggest Challenge?” and we’re providing a more detailed answer that you can also use.

He sells a baseball trivia book and says his biggest challenge is finding his target audience online.

Here are our 10 most effective targeting strategies in a blueprint customized for Dan’s needs.

However, these strategies will work for any business-so as you read this blueprint, think about how you can make these strategies work for you.

Targeting Tip 1: Just Say No to Lists

“Should I be accessing baseball related e-mail lists?” Dan asked us.
Our answer is an unqualified “No.”

They’re too expensive and there’s little chance that people who have never heard of you will respond to an unasked-for email from you. On top of that, you run the risk of getting slammed with spam complaints.

Targeting Tip 2: Grow a List of Keywords Using the Google Keyword Tool

Everyone who is trying to reach an audience online should know about the Google Keyword Tool.

This handy free tool allows you to explore the exact words and phrases people are typing into Google when searching for information. Be sure to look for “long-tail” keywords that clearly represent people who are interested in what you offer but don’t have a lot of competition.

Dan, we plugged these five keyword phrases into the Google Keyword Tool:

· baseball trivia
· baseball quizzes
· baseball facts
· baseball book
· baseball history

… and we came up with a list of 124 associated keywords, many of which would be perfect for you to use in your SEO and paid search efforts. Here are some particularly good ones for you
to start out with:


Global Monthly Searches

Approximate CPC
(Google Adwords)

  • Baseball trivia
  • 9,900
  • $0.26
    • Baseball quiz
    • 2,400
    • $0.25
      • Baseball trivia questions
      • 1,000
      • $0.l7
        • Baseball quizzes
        • 390
        • $0.16
          • Baseball trivia facts
          • 140
          • $0.14
            • Baseball facts and trivia
            • 140
            • $0.15
              • Easy baseball trivia
              • 140
              • $0.21
                • Baseball trivia for kids
                • 320
                • $0.18
                  • Baseball trivia quiz
                  • 140
                  • $0.15
                    • Kids baseball trivia
                    • 320
                    • $0.19
                      • Baseball trivia and answers
                      • 1,000
                      • $0.16
                        • Baseball trivia questions and answers
                        • 1,000
                        • $0.18

If you were to successfully target just these twelve keywords, you would be able to put your product in front of 18,790 people who you’re probably not reaching right now-and that’s huge.

You can grow this list huge by adding team-specific, league-specific, and player-specific keywords as well, such as “Babe Ruth trivia,” “Boston Red Sox trivia,” and so forth.

A good keyword list should have at least 100 keywords on it.

Targeting Tip #3: Run Google AdWords ads

Google AdWords is the fastest way to get your product in front of people who are actively searching for what you offer.

Start by experimenting with the keywords in the list above. Make sure your ads lead directly to landing pages that give searchers exactly what they’re looking for–preferably in the form of a compelling downloadable freebie.

For example, if you’re going to run an ad targeting the keyword, “baseball trivia questions,” link to a page that offers a free eBook titled something like, “49 baseball trivia questions that even the most die-hard fans can’t answer.”

Targeting Tip #4: Run Facebook Ads

Did you know you can create Facebook ads that target people based on the interests on their personal profile?

This means you can use Facebook ads to promote your downloadable freebie only to people who have identified themselves as baseball fans. It’s a great way to grow your fan base!

To save money on your ads, make sure they point to a custom tab on your Facebook Page rather than to your website.

Targeting Tip #5: Become Active on Facebook Pages/Groups Related to Your Interest

Dan, simply enter “baseball” into the search bar at the top of Facebook and start looking for pages to like and groups to join.

Use your “Bleeding Baseball” account to interact on the pages you like but don’t overtly promote your book-instead make interesting comments that make people want to engage with you. If they feel like they know you personally, they’ll be more interested in your book.

Targeting Tip #6: Become Active on Industry-Specific Forums and Blogs

To find forums and blogs that appeal to your target market, go to Google and do a search on terms such as “baseball + forum,” “baseball + blog,” and “baseball trivia + blog”

Be sure to offer fun and helpful comments on the forums and blogs you like best. Take the time to listen and give people what they really want. Then be sure to link back to your site via your post signature.

Targeting Tip #7: Find Your Audience on Twitter

Go to Twitter and do searches to identify people who are interested in baseball. Follow them and chances are good they’ll follow you back, if they see you offer fun baseball-related tidbits of information instead of a constant barrage of promotional messages.

When people follow you, send them a personal message thanking them. Relate to them on a personal level and they will be more likely to be interested in buying your book.

Targeting Tip #8: Write Short Articles and Post them on Popular Sites

Dan, this should be easy for you as you have a whole book full of interesting content to work with.

Create a series of short 400-700 word articles and approach the owners of popular baseball blogs and websites to see if they would be interested in publishing your article. Make sure you include a link back to your site in your “About the Author” blurb. This is a great way to introduce yourself to a larger audience.

Targeting Tip #9: Grow Your Site Content with a Blog

Dan, I see you don’t have a blog on your site. I would put that on your “to-do” list right away. Having a blog is a great way to grow a site full of valuable content that’s optimized for your best keywords, so it appeals to the search engines as well as your human visitors. Plus, it’s a great way to encourage repeat visits.

Targeting Tip #10: Include an Opt-in on Every Page of Your Site

Dan, your site visitors are some of the most targeted people you can find-and yet you’re not making any effort to stay in touch with them if they don’t immediately buy your book.

Studies show it takes a minimum of 6-7 points of contact for someone to be comfortable enough to make a purchase online. We recommend you help your visitors over that hump by encouraging them to sign up for your downloadable freebie and then using email to grow a strong relationship with them over time.

Bonus Tip: Use Email to Close the Deal

At strategic times of the year-the beginning of the baseball season, Father’s Day, the end of the regular season, the final series of the World Series, and Christmas-promote your book to your mailing list. Give them an exclusive subscriber’s discount and you’d be surprised at how many of them will take you up on your offer!

I hope these strategies have given you a better idea of how to reach your audience online and convert them into buyers. If you have any questions, let me know.

All the best,


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