Mac OS-X Malware

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

People for many, many years thought that if you had a Apple Mac computer then you was invulnerable against virus, malware, spyware, and more types of treats!

Well they have always been wrong, for many years Apple have wanted to compete against other giants like Linux, or Windows. so when they brought out the iPad and iPhone, it increased their vulnerability because of popularity. I hope they would understand this and induce extra security and immunise their systems, even thought we all know how BAD to put it politely iShit is. So if you want to find out………………………………………………………Protect yourself by using XProtect

Malware for Mac OS does exist and it’s becoming more and more widespread. In particular OSX/Pinheard-B, as categorized by Sophos, and better known as HellRTS is a malware that gives complete remote control of the infected OS-X machine: you can take snapshots, send emails, transfer files and log keystrokes from the victim. Apple, however, seems to be pleased by this misbelief and doesn’t do anything to wake up its users to the malware call: an update to Snow Leopard included a silent update to Xprotect.plist. XProtect is, in the words of Graham Cluley Senior Security Consultant at Sophos, a rudimentary file that contains elementary signatures of a handful of Mac threats. Starting from version 10.6, OS-X users are warned when suspicious files are downloaded and executed from Entourage, Safari, Mail, Thunderbird and other browsing tools. This kind of protection is rather sloppy as malware can get through by means of Skype, BitTorrent or other tools that are currently unsupported by Mac OS-X builtin signature-based malware protection.

More info exists Here


The update schedule for Snow Leopard has been:

  • 10.6           –       August 28, 2009 (release date)
  • 10.6.1        –       September 10, 2009
  • 10.6.2        –       November 9, 2009
  • 10.6.3        –       March 29, 2010 (revised April 13, 2010)
  • 10.6.4        –       June 15, 2010

This last update included an update to XProtect to protect against OSX.HellRTS (aka OSX/Pinhead-B). This has doubled the size of the file.

Most Mac malware solutions protected against OSX/Pinhead-B by the end of April. Waiting for an OS update to protect against malware could prove costly if this backdoor steals your personal information not least because XProtect only scans download (not installed) files. So there you have it the prouf is in the pudding! so it out of it will sort YOU!


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