Google ChomeOS Tablet specs leaked, implications abound

Posted: February 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

UK-based ibtimes got their hands on the specs to one of Google’s new ChromeOS Netbooks that they’ll reportedly sell direct rather than through resellers (though it isn’t had to see mobile carriers subsidizing the product, especially Tmobile and Verizon in the US).  They say Google may subsidize it as well, and they’d have to if they want to put the reported $300 price tag on the device.

The specs reveal some interesting directions that Google is going with their product.  This particular model is based on an Nvidia Tegra-based ARM processor which has a lot of graphics horsepower.  This is the same line of chips that Microsoft’s Zune uses and it will at the very least be able to play 720P video, but very likely will be able to display 1080P, at least on an external display.  It will also be good for gaming – as much as can be expected for the ChromeOS which is mostly based on Web technologies.

Also interesting to note that Google is choosing an ARM platform over Intel (at least on this particular spec).  As I’ve noted before, ARM has a efficient power-usage footprint compared to Intel’s Atom while providing similar performance.

Ibtimes also states:

It is also rumoured that the netbook will sport a 10.1-inch TFT HD-ready multi-touch display, and would come with 64GB SSD (mind you, not HDD), 2GB RAM and other bells and whistles such as WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, Ethernet port, USB ports, webcam, 3.5mm audio jack, multi-card reader, etc.

"10-inch multi-touch display?"  Maybe.  If Apple’s tablet hasn’t used all of those by then.  That spec is incredibly similar to what people have been saying about Apple’s tablet and if Google’s netbook has a Multi-Touch display, it isn’t a netbook at all.  It is a tablet.

"HD Ready" means 720P to me.  We’re looking at 1366×768 or thereabouts.  As I said before the hardware will have no problem of playing HD content.

The 64GB SSD is a very interesting spec as well.  Google’s ChromeOS is supposed to house everything in the Cloud, so the product should only need a few GB for the OS.  Why the very expensive and expansive 64GB SSD?

Likely it will be used to store media offline – which means not everything will be streamed from the net.  Also, your huge offline GMail databases will need to live somewhere as well.  That being said, I’d think 32GB would be a good size for starters, especially when a 64GB SSD would likely be over half the cost of the product.

This is interesting not only because Google is effectively building a tablet and using ARM as opposed to Intel.  It also means that Apple’s rumored tablet will also be competing with a Google product.  These two once friendly companies are now looking to be the biggest competitors in the tech world.

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