Posted: December 14, 2009 in Uncategorized

Now the title will probably prompt many to think, we already have this option, it’s called WordPress Mu and Buddypress.

Those two options are great, but it doesn’t really fit with the idea of a community blog. WordPress Mu and Buddypress are built for multiple users authoring multiple blogs…

I really hate having to use Movable Type as a reference, but in this instance they actually have a solution that I would like to see implemented with WordPress.

For those not familiar with MovableType, upon initial install you have the option to install a regular blog, forum, motion, and community blog. The forum and motion are irrelevant to this idea. The community blog is the primary focus.

MT’s community blog allows for user’s to register and post topics. WordPress allows this as well, but it leads users to the backend which as many of you know can be daunting for someone who isn’t accustomed to it. Images are allowed as well on both platforms, however MT handles image upload a lot more simply, choose a file upload and you can call that file to be displayed anywhere. WordPress has a few extra steps that I wish we could bypass for this instance.

I forgot to mention that in MT users have a simple profile page which shows their action, granted I’m not even looking for something this complex, a simple profile page which show posts contributed is a great starting point. This can all be done via front-end. Very simple and focused for average users.

People may ask why don’t I just use MT than? Simple answer to that, MT is hard to theme for, community support is very limited, and I have enough belief something like this can come to fruition for WordPress.

I really should stop posting late at night, it’s hard enough for me to articulate my thoughts when I’m wide awake.

  1. Sean says:

    Well, I\’m lost by all this.

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