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Posted: December 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

I found This on the IET News What a load of fun tyhis guy sounds, if you like rapping? lol

listen up /
facilities man /
mutha earth is dying /
better change yo plan

pump up the server utilization /
cut the carbon of the nation /
gon’ get your i-o /
in the groove, yo

gon’ reduce the power /
hour by hour/
till we kill /
yo energy bill

Co Lo Bro: ‘Green Yo Ass’.

James Hayes
Editor, IT section

Controversial IT rapper Co Lo Bro has been in trouble again. Last week the 42-year-old former Java programmer organised an illegal live concert on the roof of one of the largest data centres in London’s Docklands. Performing to an estimated 2,000 fans, Co Lo Bro (supported by DJ Rakspayze) sang tracks from his new release ‘Green Yo Ass’, a concept album that urges data centre managers to ensure that their facilities are “environmentally fit”.

Co Lo Bro’s message extends equally to enterprise IT departments who, the artiste feels, can also make a “measurable contribution” to the greening of corporate computing. “This next song is dedicated to all da bros and sistas who are factoring thin client computing into their IT strategies going forward,” he told his audience. Unfortunately, at this point police – summoned by a group of ventilation service engineers trapped inside the data centre by surging crowds – ended the event, arresting Co Lo Bro and his cohorts.

The rapper’s sentiments may seem an unorthodox way of reaching IT professionals, but they are bang on the money. According to the lead feature ‘Thin clients’ fat challenge’ in the new edition of ‘Engineering & Technology’ magazine, sound though their value proposition is, thin clients may face some thin pickings over 2010, as many enterprises stall plans to upgrade ageing desktop clients to new slimline counterparts. And in the longer term, the thin client ethos faces the challenge of the mobile enterprise – for when significant numbers of the netbook-equipped workforce are not longer deskbound, the need for multiple permanent fixed computing terminals, fat or thin, starts to scale down drastically.

Also in the IT section of ‘E&T’ Issue 21, IDC Group analyst Carla Arend considers the changing shape of data storage, and we present the third installment of E&T’s ‘Buzzword Bingo’ guide, specially timed for readers who may be exposed to corporate claptrap over the festive period. Interminable terminology includes ‘Layer Eight’, ‘System DNA’, ‘Loose coupling’, and ‘disruptive technology’.


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