Windows 7 installation

Posted: July 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

Hi a lot of people seem to be having problems installing windows7, there are many ways to complete this;

fresh install


3 party (usb, ext HDD) etc

Local pre install



The latter seems to be what I would suggest to the public and most end-users, yes this was the least favourable option in the overall Microsoft Operating Systems but proven to be the most stable. You get the updates to the install files and keep your existing drivers, which you can update later, for example your Graphics driver. Many users and professionals are reporting driver problems with the RC with regarding the Fresh install option and network install, because the DVD image (which you should burn with ISO Burn, Nero, or something similar) has to provide the generic drivers for your system, if there is an issues with the DVD then the setup will not complete, also the downloaded image supplied from Microsoft will not always automatically create the partitions needed for the install so you would get an error code like “0x80070570” indicating that you do not have enuff space to place Windows 7. so you can see if you are not sure or want some reliability in your new installation use the upgrade option in the Windows 7 install and have fun.


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