SEO Review of Messenger Adictos

Posted: April 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

Today we will be publishing our first SEO Review, we we’re asked by Nacho, Microsoft MVP and webmaster of Messenger Adictos, a popular Spanish website about Windows Live.

Google Page Rank: 5

Very good page Rank, it could be higher if more focus was placed on the Social Media aspect of the website.

Meta Tags

It has Meta tags for the Title, Description and Keywords, all very important. And it’s customized for each page on the website, this will allow search engines to distinguish and rank multiple parts of the website. Although Keyword density is a little high, perhaps more diversity is needed here.


Google has successfully generated SiteLinks, this means that your site has become “worthy enough” in the eyes of Google and allows your users to access different parts of your website directly from the search results.


Search Engine Results Placement, this is an area where Messenger Adictos could use a lot of SEO work. Currently it ranks #1 for “Messenger Adictos” in Google, Yahoo & Live. But if anyone were to type that into Google you already know that they we’re going to visit you anyway.

I conducted a Rank Check on the other Keywords that they have included in the Meta Tags, but the only one that was ranked was “Messenger 9” on Yahoo @ #116.

More SEO work should be invested in this area, since Organic Search & SERPS are the #1 gateways to bring more traffic into your website.

Conclusion is search engine friendly, has a lot of users and a good page rank. In order to increase traffic & users more work should be done in the SERPS & Organic Search area.


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