VMware tries to expand throughout the datacenter and HP

Posted: November 8, 2008 in Uncategorized


I finally got around to reading the excellent post over on the Windows Virtualization Team Blog by Doug de Werd, Technical Marketing Manager (great title, btw ) for Windows Virtualization at HP. There’s not really much to even say about this post; Doug nailed it. It’s one of the only times I’ve read someone so aptly address the role of virtual platforms in the data center:

  1. Virtualization is a means to an end, it’s not an end itself. There’s no reason to deploy ESX or Hyper-V unless you’re trying to solve a problem, just like there’s no reason to build a data center in the first place unless you have applications that need to get out over some wire.
  2. The way we enable the virtual means is through management. These platforms don’t manage themselves; they need to be part of the entire VDC and managed together.

And it’s still so strange to me to see a sentence like:

Microsoft and HP are also working closely with Citrix in the area of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Or this one:

The VDI stack incorporates Microsoft components such as Vista and Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, along with Citrix XenDesktop, all running on Hyper-V and managed by System Center.

MS and Citrix working closely on VDI? XenDesktop running on Hyper-V? Hmmm…interesting, puzzling, hopeful, strange…all words that come to mind. But hey, it’s a solution, or at least the start of one, so I’ll stick with ‘optimistic.’

Anyway, that’s about it. Read Doug’s post and then start looking at Insight or another management platform for your new virtualization roll-out. Even if you look at it and decide it’s not for you, well at least you’ve started looking.


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