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Posted: November 8, 2008 in Uncategorized


Packet Trap pt360 Tool suite is a Windows based free Network Diagnostic tools suite and a Network Monitoring tool. Packet Trap has a nice Dashboard with drag and drop dashboard components.

At the first look, Packet Trap is very impressive, simple, easy to use, easy to understand, simple and easy navigation and menu options. All the diagnostic tools are graphic and provides a great advantage as a one stop shop for most of the Network troubleshooting. What is even more impressive is that the monitoring system being integrated into a Network Diagnostic suite which allows an admin to monitor and troubleshoot all from one place and they all can export the results in nice HTML format.. The network diagnostic tools available in Packet Trap are:


  • Ping Scan – To scan networks using ICMP
  • Enhanced Ping – Detailed reporting on Ping Time, Reponse time, Average response time, status and packet loss details.
  • Graphical Ping – Pings persistently and Graphs the response time in milliseconds over a period of time
  • DNS Audit – DNS Lookup for a host with simple lookup details
  • Whois Lookup
  • Port Scan for a given IP or a range of IPs
  • MAC Address Scan for a given IP or a range of IPs
  • SNMP Scan – Supports SNMPv1/2&3 thereby any platform that supports
  • SNMP are supportedWMI Scan – Windows WMI support
  • Wake On LAN – Wake on LAN list of Hosts (hosts that support the option at the hardware level. For example, in BIOS for x86 systems)
  • TraceRoute – with response times and Packet Loss info
  • Traffic Jam – Traffic Generator on TCP and UDP ports with customisation options on the packet size, bandwidth
  • TFTP server

All the diagnostic tools are also available as individual downloads, if you do not want a host of these features on your system. Although, the fully loaded suite is certainly not bloated. There is also a commercial PRO version of this tool which extends support to.


    • Cisco Config Management
    • Netflow Analyzer
    • Opensource tools integration (like Nagios & Cacti)
    • Remote TCP reset
    • Syslog server
    • Network Discovery
    • Encrypted Password vault

If I have to point and select the best possible  feature, I would choose Wake On LAN feature which allows you to start a bunch of hosts which supports the feature. This can be of great help with remote access/administration when you need to start a PC which you know is shutdown. Departments may even adapt it for green policies. Also, all SNMP, Password and other credentials are stored in encrypted format on the disk.

Overall a great tool for simple network administration. If there is anything that one could call a downside it is that PacketTrap pt360 could have been Web-based Client-Server tool than desktop based. This would allow Small and Medium Networks and may be to a level Enterprise networks to adapt.

As a Network professional, I would personally recommend this product to my fellow professionals!!!

For more information and download, click here

  1. Jake says:

    PT makes a good password vault. For flow reporting I use:http://www.plixer.com/products/free-netflow.php

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