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Posted: May 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’m always looking for a new way to encourage business and meet new people, so I’ve been looking for some technology events in England! There so little…. So what I’ve found is some on ZNet there some interesting ones and if anyone knows of more please post them because I would love to find more…

If anyone is looking to improve their business, there is BT Tradespace, click this link to go strait to it! Its a fab site and don’t get put off by the fact its run by BT, there’s lots of different communities there, that operate in lots of different fields! GREAT AVERTISING! So get involved.

I am also involved with this site called Geek.com in which I help to solve problems in all IT areas along with some other technicians, pop in and look at the shop if you need some equipment of just a quick chat. There are lots of small issues just as well as some technical, everything’s welcome. You get to meet some strange people I’ll tell you! but everyone’s got their own quarks.

There is some prices I’ve set up to give ideas as too what services I do and charge but that not important as free advise is always given.

  1. san says:

    Hi There…Techno Babe ! tried tooo log into Geek.com…no luck (What\’s a Geek…a short name for a Greek) lolsax

  2. Technology says:

    how you doing? yer some time the server goes down on geek.com just try again in a few mins

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