OddWorld Games: Stranger’s Wrath

Posted: May 5, 2008 in Uncategorized

One of the greatest game on the planet.

Oddworld Strangers Wrath is one of those games that comes along that is so unique and fresh in its idea and execution that it demands to be played by everyone. There are two main platform PC and Xbox but it’s a shame that its not compatible with the Wii but who knows yet.

In the latest and hopefully not last game from the geniuses at Oddworld Inhabitants you play as stranger, a Clint Eastwood-esqu horse/human creature who is a bounty hunter. Your motives for this are unclear and you spend the majority of the game trying to find out what he needs the money for.

The presentation in this game is excellent. The story, which is a western/mystery epic hybrid is great from start to finish. The cut scenes are intriguing and keep you engaged and enamoured in the story of the mysterious Stranger.

The audio is also nicely done. The dialogue keeps the humorous signature feel from past Oddworld games and really keeps the strange world of Oddworld intact, even though this is a game completely separate from the past ones. The music also also a nice mix of classic western with more epic orchestral undertones.

The graphics a great throwback to the other Oddworld games while adding to it with the western theme that encompasses most aspects of the game.

The gameplay is unlike anything before. Its a mix of first person and third person action with the innovative twist being the "live ammo". All the ammo you use for your crossbow must be collected off the floor or from the brush and trees because it is living. You shoot everything from wise-cracking chipmunks to toxic skunks; each which have their own unique effect that can help in creating different strategies to capture your bounty. Since capturing an outlaw alive nets more money than dead , finding ways to take them alive becomes a challenge depending uniquely on the persons personal traits and what your have in your arsenal. The gameplay changes halfway through the game which keeps things fresh and changes the purpose of the story greatly; changing the game from a western to an epic journey.

This game has something to offer that you will not find anywhere else and it needs to be experienced. Go do yourself a favour and enjoy one of the greatest games to come out on the xbox.

Here’s a review of the CG intro movie "Here"

There usefully links:


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