Default Vista for XP

Posted: April 17, 2008 in Uncategorized


Hey, have you ever wanted your XP to look more like vista with out installing a theme pack or a shell addon / extension? well you can, I’ve been working on my own type of explorer for a few days now and my god it get a bit boring but least you can say its worth it because you can import your default .BMP’s (bit maps) in to the DLL’s and don’t forget to compile. There is I simplified version shown here at click this link and you’ll find some inspiration to improve you system and here’s another one Icon list that will tell you more about theShell32 .DLL so that’s the best bet if if you windows to be a bit better with out giving in to Bill Gates HA HA or you can wait till I’ve finish this one! Also there’s BlackBox which isn’t a shell but a explorer and engine, that’s the best one for all platforms including mac, you can find it though Shell City, BlackBox is great and well worth having if you want to learn more about skinning. If you just want a bit of code for your project and some more projects to join in on then there’s more on and and I’ve made an easy way of finding what you want when your surfing the net for torrents, new film releases, codes, cracks, keygens, and games as well as much more and it’s called Hackers. I’m planing to put it on my home page just as soon as I get my forums sorted in order to host the second page, I would it with Google’s API but live spaces don’t support some of their features, well there the link to Hackers home page and I hope it help you guys find what ya looking for.

Later TC


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