Goodbye Vienna Hello Windows 7.

Posted: April 14, 2008 in Uncategorized


Hello world!

Or that’s what Microsoft should be saying, as we all know Bill Gates is planning to reveal next year "2010" HA HA ! Some people say the so called Windows 7 is just an remake of Vista (spit), now Microsoft is taking the piss and admitted that Vista (spit) is just a prototype of OS7,(So all you dumb ass’s that paid for Vista (spit) got ripped off, because a prototype is known in IT as a beta (testing copy) so go and get your money back NOW) all though OS7 boots up like Media centre and basically behaves just like it. It looks like Vista (spit) and has its explorer.exe and we don’t know yet about wether they are keeping the network settings and we hope NOT! This OS7 dose look good and sounds OK but I can see it having a heavy dependency on memory, HDD, and cache, just like its predecessors. It will have a streamlined Kernel (NT), an inbuilt virtualisation server for the support of older programs and is also an X86 platform so in other words it runs on all 32 bit processors and it will be compatible to run on Memory sticks also known as Flash cards, sticks and dongles. Personally I am quite interested on finding out more information on this OS and in the mean time you can find out more on it at his site OS News and here Think Next and I have a little video on the fabulous Windows 7, so if you would like any other information on it just drop me a line.

YouTube – Windows 7


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