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Posted: March 31, 2008 in Uncategorized


Hi there fella’s, did you all have a good Easter? Go any where special? well I found a great little quiz you might like! Have you ever wondered what programing language you may be or what Operating System you are, Well then you may like this one found at BBspot, its so funny what the out come is. I tuck the test my-self and I was amazed to find out the result was Perl. If you find other fun activities you can post them here, so which OS or Programing language are you drop me a comment of the result so we can find other Perl’s and others are out there.

Geeky Radio                                                          

"Geek" tag radio on is full of win. Plenty of songs on there I’ve never heard of before, and some geek classics as well. Listening to "Computer World" by Kraftwerk right now. Nice.


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