The Internet Oracle

Posted: March 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

Who has ever wondered what or who was the Oracle was or is!!!!

Well if you want to know, there are ways to find him, it may sound like a "matrix" fictional torment but there is an Internet ORACLE in this realm. Here’s a ready made top search for Internet Oracle that you can find out more information on and so other fella hackers can stay safe with the information given and not exploited, we can all rest assure that no encrypted data is be exploded and hints and tips will be given but I’m sorry chums you have to do some work too!!

The Oracle is also known as the Usenet Oracle and plays a manger part in hackers life’s but some nitwits calls them-self’s hackers but are in fact nerds hoping for certification, so you wana know more? We use news readers (AltBinz or Opera the browser is a nice one butĀ  PAN -A GTK is the best), to find the darkest secrets in computers like the site noted above DEF CON which hold valued data in latest encryption, VMOS, VOIP hacks, WiFi, Security, ZRTP Protocols, Codes and of cause we carn’t forget the help from our world governments secret data! but all this tacks great tact and lots of STUDY KIDS! So get your hands on the latest news reader and go to the Usenet feeds you can use their free severs if you want and start reading but I’d advise you not to go on the underground just yet as you do need to prepare your-self in what is bogus! So please get back to me with some tips in what part of the subject you would like to talk about next, What interests you?

What blows your skirt up genltegeeks?


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