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Posted: March 18, 2008 in Uncategorized

Hi people, how’s everyone doing? well I’ve been a bit busy and a few people wanted help with problems like "how do I get rid of this Virus? or check for Bugs? Well we can do with out the small talk and expand our minds to more important things in computer life! But you just need to remember to keep up with checks and hold the appropriate software on your system, like Avast and Ccleaner also a good antiSpyware like SypBot but it is great to have these on-line too, Error Doctor and AdaWareBot. Also please look in to updates of viruses and trogons see what feeds are available (these will save you time) and check your Registry for these, because there is always a possibility for infection even on a Flash Drive! You can schedule scans in these programs, on your computer to make it as easy as possible to keep your system CLEAN.  

  1. san says:

    LOL doing well and You ? us guys who use apple computer hardly ever get viruses !

  2. Technology says:

    Thanks not bad, Apple yer unfortunately not well up on that OS. Was looking at using it on VMWare, but I still advise every one to use Anti Spy, Virus, Malware and Ad aware software. Out of curiosity whats yours?

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