Posted: March 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’ve been looking at some new software for deploying applications, though the depth of the extent out there! its crazy to think there to be one for everyone! Any how I was in the middle of changing the default config.XML file of Office 07 to create an unattended install (and yes the old /admin tools (Office custom Install Wizard) are now on the disk , so you don’t have to download them any more), you can still use them though out the Microsoft Office applications and you can find a copy of them in my Sky Drive Public folder. Along the way I found this great Package studio called "Wise" which lets you not only deploy App’s but all kinds of software in clouding OS’s and is suitable for small businesses managing 500 terminals, I’ve only managed to get my hands on the version 5.50 because of the high amount of frauds and viruses out there and is also available in my Sky Drive Public folders. Wise Studio is allot like Microsoft Visual Studio but uses high end management consoles that require console security policies, If you want to know any thing further about integrating Office of parts of these to the unattended installs of windows drop me a line or just pop over to the MSFN forums  and there is thousands to explore and excite you, best of luck .

Deploying Office 07 /admin tools with

Customisation tool                                              Wise Deployment Studio 5.50

  1. Dev says:

    hey thanks for the comment..
    yea I got my own domain..  and other sites too..
    like your space and also see you are into tech and all 🙂
    have sent you a friends invite.. you can add me on msn if you want..
    like your space background but I think the transparency makes it a bit difficult to read 😦

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